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My first illustration for my big fairytale-project.
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Hello everybody!
I´m Corinna from Germany and I´m an illustrator and Designer.
I´m starting a really big illustrating project. I always wanted to illustrate a really big book with all famous fairytales of the world, like fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, 1001 Night and much much more.
So I will combine all fairytales to one big fairytale told by an funny old hedgehog, called “Baron Crookedsting” as his adventures when he was young.
It will become a really big book and produced just by order with signature by me and will not get to mass production. But that lies far in the future because there are really many famous stories, which have to be illustrated. :-)
I wish you much fun by watching this progress!

Making of :-)

Limited Edition of 100 postcards per illustration with signature.



Illustration in progress

New walltattoos on dawanda ;-)